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Business English Magazine 1/2007

Numer marzec/kwiecień 2007

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in brief

gas what?

fine vista? we'll see

brits unhappy un workplace

gender imbalance

poland's promise

fat cat salaries reach 350,00 in UK

boozy birds

40% of workers are 'job flirts'


when size doesn't matter

bosses want Eu membership rethink

sprucing up the old block

swallowing the CEE's drugmakers


outsorcing of labour

to poorer countries

was colonialism so bad?

techno's threat to national seciurity


how to turn your clicks to cash 

what happend to teh cashless society

factlife - how plastic was usedin the UL last year

trends in business and business lifestyle

sex in the city; what goes behind closed boardroom doors

workers want info 'straight'

from the boss's mouth

our woman in.. the rise of the female expat

luxury business entertainment and gadgets

luxury business entertainment and gadgets

luxury perfume

business language

biz speak - a guide to workplace lamguage

between the lines - behind the headlines

small business

top tips - what to look out forina trainers

means better

why the self-employed have it all wrong on business travel

the next generations

why people write computer viruses

you tube vs. my space

hi-tech crime: aglossary


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