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Business Professions

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Seria kieszonkowych poradników językowo-biznesowych pomoże Ci poszerzyć słownictwo i wiedzę w różnych dziedzinach. Książeczki zawierają tematycznie zgromadzone pojęcia i zagadnienia, a także ich tłumaczenia. Bądź specjalistą w swojej dziedzinie, również w kręgach obcojęzycznych!

Autor: Daria Frączek

Spis treści:

1. Architect a person who designs buildings and redevelopments.

2. Accountant

3. Civil Engineer a person who helps to plan, design and build bridges, roads, railways and other elements of public infrastructure.

4. Civil servant a person who works in or for government departments, apart from the army, the courts or in a political role.

5. Corporate banker a person who works for a large financial organisation and helps firms deal with a variety of financial matters.

6. Economist a person who, in the broadest sense, deals with (or studies) the way a country/region/company organises its finances, trade and industry.

7. Software engineer a person who creates, optimises and tests computer programs.

8. Estate agent a person who sells property (land, buildings, houses, flats etc.) to people

9. Facilities manager a person who provides or oversees security services, maintenance services, grounds keeping and caretaking/parking services for an organisation

10. Insurance broker a person who sells or negotiates insurance.

11. Technical support specialist a person who provides assistance when something goes wrong with a computer, phone, internet connection or other instances where technological help may be needed.

12. Web/online journalist a person who writes editorials or blogs or uses social media to disperse and find news.

13. Lecturer a person who teaches at a college, university etc.

14. Market researcher a person who conducts extensive online research into a market.

15. Remote manager a person who manages the modern workforce, on- and offline, for remote and mobile employees.

16. HR specialist a person who deals with the human resource aspects of a company

17. Project manager a person who oversees all the steps required to prepare, carry out and analyse the success of a project

18. Solicitor a person who gives legal advice to individuals and organisations.

19. Tourism officer a person who promotes tourist activities and brings more tourist traffic to a country, area, city etc.

20. Web designer a person who designs, writes and improves the way websites look and operate.

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